BBH Missil Oil (Belgium)

Old oil refining company in the Antwerp petrol harbor.

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2 responses to “BBH Missil Oil (Belgium)”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Tough prima facie bizarre, it looks at second sight like a work of art arranged on purpose to produce that effect. .It makes all questions redundant. There are no more questions, there are only answers at Telefunker. That is why nobody knows who Telefunker is. The epistemological interest is overshadowed by the ontological. …that we are is the art, not what we are which is science.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Again I forgot to say it is me life.. Who else other than life could ever be interested in life which becomes art when a disinterested dimension comes to it. ? So neverask again if Camill de Stoop is still alive or not. Wie kann sie ruhig schlaffen und weißt nicht ich lebe noch ?

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