Saint Joseph (Belgium)

Abandoned neogothical church.


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7 responses to “Saint Joseph (Belgium)”

  1. cassandra says :

    stunning images! i hope you don’t mind if i use them in a post i’m doing today – and will of course give you credit and link back. i will be back to explore more of your site!

  2. telefunker says :

    No problem at all Cassandra. I kind of like your post. How you’re jumping from a perfectly maintained botanical garden to the most decayed orangerie to end up at a pool with the chaises longues in the sun just to tell your story. And thanks for the compliment.

  3. ...loveMaegan says :

    so creepy….but so awesome.

  4. beaufrere says :

    I wrote to you yesterday,
    I’m going to Belgium this w-e
    and would love to visit amazing locations…
    Can you help me find ‘Saint Joseph (Belgium)’, the church, it really looks amazing.
    I hope one day I can return, the favour, I’ll have an internet website very soon so you can see my work.
    Take care,

  5. Vincent says :

    Beautiful church! Religion = ^ ^ Good dust enhancement of Christ, alone in a deserted place. I love it!

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