Sanatorium J. Lemaire (Belgium)

Sanatorium for TBC patients. This modernist architectural masterpiece is one of Maxime Brunfauts greatest accomplishments. The sanatorium was built in 1936 for 150 male patients. During WW2 it became a hospital and in 1987 it became abandoned.

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5 responses to “Sanatorium J. Lemaire (Belgium)”

  1. Evosonic says :

    I’ve been there twice and got kicked out by the police twice.
    It’s a very big and creepy place and I never got the chance to explore it completely.
    Better look for the pictures on the internet people, don’t go there because the police comes to check the place out every hour.

  2. Kenneth says :

    Wow! I wonder if this is the place where my mother was a nurse in 1944/45 during WW2! I rather think that it is!

  3. Freddy says :

    Looks great!

  4. artvisuelle says :

    i’d go there if i could

  5. Anonymous says :

    dit is de reden dat urbexer’s hun lokaties niet vrijgeven…nah!

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