Epouse Jacobs (Belgium)

One of the famous felt & hat making factories in Belgium. Epouse Jacobs closed its doors in 1980.

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One response to “Epouse Jacobs (Belgium)”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Epouse=Gattin= Wife =Balebet
    Epouse in Amharic means Owner of the House, Balebet. Subject also is Balebet, Subject-Predicate (Balebet-Tesabi )

    In German Haus,Heim (Bet), Haus is the building, Heim is like Home(Bet ) Amharic knows no ‘house’ , only home. So you built a home for us. O no don’t break your heart over this. Abraham lived with Sara in a tent all his life long, the legend says. But Solomon built a temple which the Roman Emperor destroyed. Anais Nin had a house built by the famous architekt Frank Wright. But this home here , Telefunker’ you built for you and me. Here I am the Ideal Husband .
    But the Heavenly Home is where Life lives. In a Beautiful Place has a good home up at the villa. Music, colour, feelings , movement , the rhythms of life , I know will never abandon us. Because we are married in the eyes of God, mon Epouse. Husband and wife, I remember was a favorite game of us children. And we always wanted it became night. So soon ? The trick was transparent. We couldn’t go to bed unless we announced Night. Because we can say any time it is day. So playing an ideal husband I said let us go to bed. O what a heavenly night you gave me.

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