Brauerei Gatzweiler (Germany)

The Gatzweiler brewery was built in 1963 and stayed active until Gatzweiler sold their name in 1999.

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One response to “Brauerei Gatzweiler (Germany)”

  1. chas682 says :

    My wife’s maiden name is Gatzweiler. Her dad was born in Germany – we are not sure where – but her grandmother operated a beer garden.
    His name was Leo Gatzweiler, now deceased.
    His father’s name was John Gatzweiler. His mother’s maiden name was Theresa Lehnen.
    We wonder if they were related to you somehow.
    We are planning a trip to Germany in the fall of 2010 and will visit your area.
    Thanks for your help.
    Charles Corder – Carmen {Gatzweiler} Corder
    682 Edgeworth St
    Jenison MI 49428
    Email –

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