Tissage et Filature Camille De Stoop (Belgium)

Spinning mill, built in 1908 and expanded in 1927. Through the years the spinning activities got replaced by general textile production. The beautiful building got abandoned in 1990.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique tissage filature camille de stoop

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique tissage filature camille de stoop kortrijk

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3 responses to “Tissage et Filature Camille De Stoop (Belgium)”

  1. Serge says :

    great pictures, I have bought an loft under construction there now. I would love to have a high resolution original if possible?

  2. Anonymous says :

    Filature=not to be found in Dictionnaire du francais contemporain

    I heard of ” Tissage et Filature Camille De Stoop ( Belgium ) ” a few years ago in connection with the name ‘Camille De Stoop’, a name which meant a lot to me and still means a lot to me and hope means something to her too. I cannot imagine she has forgotten everything ; but what do we know of the mysteries of life and love which no philosophy can explain. She was like an artist of love when I first set eyes on her in 1979 in Brussells. …That I might come to hear sad news deterred me . What if I were to hear of her death ? ! Neverthless risking a devastation I searched for her and found out she is alive. Bad news came indeed but from another quarter, I heard of the death of my mother. but I was not devastated .The hope of meeting Camille de Stoop kept me alive.and consoled me over this loss. Camille de Stoop is alive.and all is well , I said. There was even a hope of our seeing each other again, now that we know we are alive. The last years of our life could only be like a Thanksgiving for all that what Life gave us. Should I say now we will meet in the next world if we were to die now ? Or should we better say it doesn’t mater, since we have everything in us , you in me, I in you and the life we lived in this world as a reminder of a great love that shall remain eternal because it is too beautiful to die . I say yes with you.because Death has lost its power., now that I know you are alive and you know that I am alive. Let this not sound as a farewell even we were not to meet again. Let it be a confirmation of life and love eternal as only you and I knew how to appreciate, understand and love.

  3. Anonymous says :

    I never thought there was a big art behind this, atleast not in the beginning. I made a mistake. It took me a year or two to correct it. At first I believed Camille was doing something I never expected her to do. Where is all that enthusiasm for poetry gone , I asked , remembering the first years . Not that I have a prejudice against fotography,if it were true that Camille was doing no more than fotography.which I would despise if it were true and be terribly disappointed and ask if the Camille who turned me upside down was a simple fotographer and a sentimental one as that, I would have lost a world a castle I built with cards., a paper castle called love. And add to that, I completely misunderstanding the framework , I believed that she was sentimental enough to fall victim to a nostalgic past. I never saw the genius she demonstrated in taking ‘ Tissage et Filature’ as a framework for a modern art of post-impressionism, updating no less a hero, a pioneer than Arthur Rimbaud himself, possibly the reason why she went on a pilgrimage to Ethiopia on the footsteps of Rimbaud , but carefully keeping her knowledge secret until the day came and she sent me the letters she wrote on life, literature and the philosophy of language she really mastered better than a professional philosopher could. She was all this time creating a new world for me , Taye Belew , the only person alive in possession of her voluminous letters from the years 1978 to 1979. That was exactly the time when I was going through my transformation without which I couldn’t have seen the message and the revelation in ‘ Tissage et Filature Camille De Stoop ‘ Telefunker ‘ . She stopped sending me letters after her return to Ethiopia in 1979 . I never saw her again . This is for me like being born again. Just like after the end of the old world, the new world of majestic abundance glories in the triumph of the spirit over restricting and tyrannical flesh ” Tissage et Filature ” too becomes like an analogy to a new world of spirit where abundance of life like a life eternal shows us the new paradise on earth. It is Camille de Stoope’s letters coming all the way from Ethiopia which prepared me in the first place and helped me understand and find the key which opened the door and gave me the access to the Post-modernism she inaugurated with ” Tissage et Filature ” Telefunker. .What a splendid work of a true genius and what a lucky me chosen for such an encounter with Camlle De Stoop at just the right time , to see a world seen by an angel , one from another world for whom the things of our world witheir never ending wealth of creativ appearances bordering to magic because too fantastic to be real, confounding our sense of the real,deranging our too domesticated sense organs for good , to liberate us from the cave of darkness of which Plato warned us ! That is exactly what Rimbaud saw translated into the fotographs of ‘Tissage et Filature ‘ of abandoned sites, disguised glories, ironic perspectives so humorous that you supress a laughter out of reverence for this silent presence of something more than human. The intricate and complex turns, curves, parallells, perpendiculars , parabolas, circles, cylinders, modern pyramids wealth of material, color shape, in all varieties and surprizes at every corner. Giving chance to a creativity that keeps you alive because you don’t have to repeat. Such a freedom I never experienced as the freedom I tasted when I looked at the pictures of ‘Tissage et Filature. ‘ . All this at the end openning our inner eyes to the endlessness around us. Urging us to see that nature has not been creative any other way than is obvious in the fotos of ‘ Tissage et Filature.’ Only the modesty of the presentation my prevent us from seeing the beauty of the entire project. After having gone through some of the fotos noone can talk of a foolish loneliness,an idle monotonie and a rich poverty . To have seen this is to have been transformed from a hollow mortal to a satisfied millionaire of the spirit for whom everything is metamorphosed to a soft astral beauty that a never ending joy.as from a book of an Edgar Allan Poe. This is the compensation you rewarded me with for the years I spent without you…as if you saved time in a bottle so that when I came , just to spend it with you, as in that love song , I heard a day after you left. That is the only explanation for such a phenomena as ‘Tissage et Filature, Telefunker.’

    Let me hurry to write my name in this hall of fame you erected for me : Taye Belew from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Extremely proud to have been loved by you, which made all our sacrifices worth the spending.as it turned out at last when death was defeated by the love you and I witnessed on the Day of Judgement.

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