La Chartreuse (Belgium)

Big fortress, built in 1817 by the Dutch. Once a German prison, once an American hospital. Abandoned in 1982.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique fortress fort Chartreuse

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique fortress fort Chartreuse

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8 responses to “La Chartreuse (Belgium)”

  1. Question Mark says :

    How is that I see your image on this website and on some other person’s flickr? The 866626902_991c390d62_o, or the first image, is posted on in color, and was posted a year before yours was. I like your site and I would be very disappointed if you are taking credit for others’ work. 😦

  2. Question Mark says :

    La Chartreuse in HDR

  3. Question Mark says :

    actually, nevermind that last one; they are just in the very same area.

  4. telefunker says :

    @ Question Mark;
    I would never steal someone else’s photo, and if you compare my photo with the one you posted (by Besidez) you will surely notice the differences. When I visited this place I hadn’t seen the photo you posted (as a matter of fact, I only just saw it). It’s just a coincidence that both photos are taken from a point of view that is quite alike. Apart from that, that staircase is one of the most beautiful features La Chartreuse has to offer, so I’m sure even more photographers took almost the same photo after me or even before Besidez took his.

  5. stefanieee says :

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    Ist es wirklich war? Ich bin sprachlos!

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