Orphanage (Belgium)

Abandoned orphanage in the East of Belgium. The place was built during WW1 as a home for German military officers. Later on the buildings were sold and used as an orphanage, until the place got abandoned in 2004 and the orphans were moved to other facilities.

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10 responses to “Orphanage (Belgium)”

  1. melanie grant says :

    This are awesome photographs. One almost wants to phone them up and ask them if you can move in. What a waste. Wonder whether the number of orphans in Belgium have decreased that they don’t need facilities like this anymore.

  2. telefunker says :

    Thanks Melanie. They actually moved the orphans to new, modern facilities. This old orphanage didn’t reach the standards & norms in safety and hygiene anymore.

  3. An says :

    Love the 1st pic!

  4. amber cox says :

    i would like to know some more information about this orphanage. what was it called? thanks.

  5. telefunker says :

    Amber, I have updated the blogpost with some more info. The place was called ‘De Stap’ or ‘Duinen-Heide’.

  6. Lizzy says :

    these pictures are amazing! i wonder if it is too far gone to fix up and use as an orphanage once again.

  7. magali says :

    hello! ses photos sont belles, elles refletes bien se que c’etait en bon etat! j’ai passe 10 ans de ma vie dans cet maison d’acceuil pour enfants. Il ne s’agit pas d’un orphelinat mais plutot d’un centre d’acceuil pour enfants ou le milieu famillial etait difficile.
    il a a porter plusieurs noms, mais le sprincipaux sont “duinen heide”, “de stap”, mais aussi “oeuvre des colonies scolaires catholique”
    je pourrais vous en dire plus, mais par message c’est un peu long.
    A bientot!

  8. bettina says :

    Salut, je cherche sur internet mais je trouve pas c´est lieux,c´est ou exactement ? merci

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  10. Martin Bekkers says :

    this is awesome what a great shots!!!!

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