Beelitz Heilstätten (Germany)

TBC sanatorium, built around 1900. The whole complex consisted of 60 buildings in a green environment and could accommodate 1200 patients. After WW2 the Russian Army took over the place and it became the best equipped military hospital outside the Soviet Union. In 1994 the Russian army left the facilities.


Waschküche – Labor




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5 responses to “Beelitz Heilstätten (Germany)”

  1. BobG in Vancouver says :

    Beautiful images!

    But I would like to see some of them in color!

  2. Ena says :

    Wow! we were there just 2 weeks ago, and we find it without looking for it (we didn’t know anything about beelitz, and neither the hospital) It was amazing, we took some pics, and someone closed the door with a locker while we were inside… we got to jump out from the only window that was not walled up. A bit freightning at first, but a great experience! 😀 Congratulations for your pictures! 🙂

  3. Mike says :


  4. Koek says :

    the 6th picture is very beuatyfull
    i need to stay that way it is now.

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