Hotel Kosmos (Belgium)

This modernist hotel was built in 1936 on a hill with a nice view over the surroundings. In 2002 the hotel lost its license to keep the outdoor swimming pool running. In 2004 Hotel Kosmos went bankrupt.

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5 responses to “Hotel Kosmos (Belgium)”

  1. rommens says :

    I am so interested in the history of hotel kosmos.Do you know perhaps which architect build the hotel?Greating charlotte

  2. telefunker says :

    Hey Charlotte,
    I’m sorry but I don’t know who the architect was, I think you should send an e-mail to ‘Monuments and Landscapes’ – ‘Monumenten en Landschappen’, they’ll be able to help you out.

  3. Huysentruyt says :

    I really love this one.
    may I ask the location of hotel kosmos?


  4. Niels says :

    The hotel has been built in 1934, the architect is J. De Brabandere (Ypres). The hotel is located on the Rodeberg (red hill) in Westouter.

    We want to re-open the domain with our petition: sign it please! There are also a lot of photo’s and video’s on the group. Thank you

  5. mike says :

    Does anyone know what the name of the bar around the corner is?

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