Ter Zee (Belgium)

Service residence for the elderly at the Belgian coast. Next to the residency, which could house up to 50 people, there’s a beautiful chapel on the site.

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3 responses to “Ter Zee (Belgium)”

  1. manu says :

    hi, i am also a photographer (not into urban)
    but when i see pictures of abandoned places i feel great and i immideatly want to visit them
    i live in belgium and not far from the coast, i wanna know which city is this place?????
    can you help me please
    these are the nicest pictures i found of the location (congrats man, good job !)
    ciao and grtz

  2. sussi says :

    Don’t bother, they never gi away a location. Pfff
    they think that the world is just from them!!

  3. bibendum says :

    It’s not that we think the world belongs to us; we just think that everybody should do his homework. If you took the time to “google” 10 minutes on this location you ould have found it.
    BTW: the place is demolished now 🙂

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