Mother of Saviour (Belgium)

In 1915 a beautiful park was handed over to the university hospital by a noble family. The university hospital, together with the Catholic Sisters of Mercy, started a neuro-psychiatric clinic in the ‘English garden’- styled park in 1927. In 1997 the university left, leaving the buildings and park abandoned.

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6 responses to “Mother of Saviour (Belgium)”

  1. peacefulowl2 says :

    Amazing photos. Thanks!

  2. Adam says :

    yep, unbelievable.. great site! u never write exact address of the places?

  3. Martin Bekkers says :

    wow this is really a great place I hope that it is still there and not demolished.

    Can you also tell me where this building is situated?

    thanks a lot.

    I ‘am visiting Belgium the 4th october with a friend. Mabey we also go to Noisy?

    gr Martin
    chapter Urban

  4. nicolas says :


    We are planning t shoot a music video and where looking for a location.

    We found this great location on your website and were wondering if it would be possible to have the adress to the above location.

    hope to har back from you.

    Best regards

  5. sweetridgesisters says :

    This set is amazing. Some of the pictures still show such ghosts of the past. Really great work.

  6. Ioanna Sakellaraki says :

    Great shots. I was in that impressive site yesterday. Please feel free to have a look at how it looks like today:

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