T & T (Belgium)

This immense place used to house the first European postal service (between Brussels and Vienna). Around 1900, a big expansion was agreed, as the site became a merchandise station, big warehouse and maritime port. The works for these expansions ended ten years later. In 1987 this fine example of ‘Industrial Revolution’-architecture became abandoned.

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3 responses to “T & T (Belgium)”

  1. Antoine says :

    Hi Can someone provide me with that adress ?as i would love to do a shooting in that lovely place?
    thanks a lot

  2. Anonymous says :

    T.T in The Sonnets of Shakespeare . Some say it is she to whom the sonnets are a dedication . I interpret it as twice T for Taye and Taye .After resurrection the T of this World becomes the T of the Artworld.. ‘To the onlie begetter of these insuing sonnets Mr W.H. All Happiness and that eternitie promised by our ever-living poet wisheth the well wishing adventurer in setting forth.
    Oscar Wilde in The Portrait of Mr. W.H. has suggested W:H to be Willie Hughes , But who is T.T for Shakespear ?

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