Château B (Belgium)

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium.

belgium, belgie, abandoned, verlaten, photography, fotografie, decay, urban, exploration, urbex, belgique, abandonnee, architecture, chateau, castle

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3 responses to “Château B (Belgium)”

  1. sweetridgesisters says :

    Beautiful, and haunting.

  2. reneuwin says :

    Groetjes, There,

    is that thing still “somewhere and available”? – i absolutely want it! 🙂

    Well, anyway, since my earlier negotiation gave no results,
    am “desperately” hot buyer – might do you have any suggestion
    a propos some 10+ hectares with some nice ruines or so?

    If impossible in Belgium, am searching around in France as well.

    Appreciatively Dank U Wel in advance for any reply, if possible.

  3. Abi says :

    where is this in Belgium? Have you visited there yourself?

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