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Puits DQ (France)

Abandoned coal mine and cokes plant in France. Years of abandonment have put this industrial mastodon in a perilous state of decay. The rusty platforms and staircases could collapse any minute. Luckily the place is well secured and closed off to the outside world.

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Zeche Zollverein (Germany)

World Cultural Heritage site. The colliery and coking plant were built in the 1920’s by Schupp and Kremmer. The factory started in 1932 and closed down in 1986.

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Sinteranlage (Germany)

Sintering plant in Germany.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned infiltration Germany Deutschland sintering plant sinteranlage

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Kokerei Hansa (Germany)

Built in 1928. This big coking plant closed down in 1992.

Cokerie d’Anderlues (Belgium)

One of the last remaining coking plants in Belgium. Built in 1904. Had to close its doors in 2002.

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Charbonnage de Beeringen (Belgium)

One of the seven Campine coal mines. The Beringen mine opened in 1922 and closed its doors in 1989.

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