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Piscine S (Belgium)

The layout of this beautiful modernist building was based on an innovative concept: to combine different types of leisure infrastructure – in this case a swimming pool and a theatre – under the same roof. The grand staircase with a curtain wall was once the piece de résistance of this sublime architectural jewel. The ambitious plan however turned out to be less than succesfull; the pool/ theatre had to close, leaving this valuabe part of architectural heritage to decay.

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Hippodrome G (Belgium)

Abandoned modernist horse racing track somewhere in Belgium. The stands with an impressive concrete roof structure were designed by a well known Belgian architect.

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Casablanca (Belgium)

This indoor ski slope, together with the outdoor cross-country skiing practice track, was once one of the flourishing recreational epicentres of the region. When the slope became outdated, the owner decided to tear it down in order to create space for a new modern slope, adapted to contemporary standards. However, legal interferences halted the demolition of the old slope and also stalled the construction of the new one. This resulted in this surrealistic view, in which only a part of the old slope stands – in a rather dilapidated state – in the middle of an otherwise homogenous residential area.

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Hippodrome (Belgium)

Old horse track with terraces and a fancy bar. The buildings have been squatted for a while and are in a bad state of decay.

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Olympisches Dorf (Germany)

Built in 1934, the Olympic village comprises of 150 buildings (including a swimming pool, soccer field, athletics field, gym hall, theatre, etc.). Over 4000 athletes of 50 nations stayed at the village which later became an infantry school and residence for Russian officers.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned Deutschland infiltration Germany Olympisches Dorf Berlin 1936

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De Schalk (Belgium)

Abandoned swimming pool, designed by De Smet.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique Schalk Willebroek

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Outdoor swimming pool (Belgium)

Modernist outdoor swimming pool in a holiday park, built in 1939 by Charles Van Nueten.

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