Telefunker _ publications / exhibitions


IDN01. The Industrial Decay Network. (2008)
The Journal of Architecture, 14,4. Elie Haddad, ‘Charles Jencks and the historiography of Post-
Modernism’. (2009)
IDN02. The Industrial Decay Network. (2009)
Kunst op het Groot Begijnhof. Mechelen. (2010)
IDN03. The Industrial Decay Network. (2010)
MATZ. Das Magazin zur Tageszeitung. (2011)
Architectuur voor Vrijetijdscultuur. Culturele Centra, Zwembaden, Recreatiedomeinen. LannooCampus. (2011)
Figures, Infrastructures. SUN, Amsterdam. (2011)
New York Polyphony. endBeginning. (2011)
European Architectural History Network. Second International Meeting, Brussels, Programme. (2012)
On Common Ground? The Construction of New Collective Spaces in Flanders, 1950s to 1970s. KU Leuven. (2012)


In de Stellingen. Mechelen. (2010)
La Expo Expandida. Sala 4. Espacios Abandonados. (2011)
Het Mattekot toen en nu. Het Mattekot. Vilvoorde. (2012)

4 responses to “Telefunker _ publications / exhibitions”

  1. Femke Van Doren-La Brujeere says :

    I Love your work. It’s stunning.

  2. boogieman says :

    Superb blog, fascinating places.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Elie Hadad ‘Charles Jencks and the historiography of Post-Modernism’ and a comment you made in one of your letters from which I quote here , clearly demonstrates the essence of Post-Modernism . (Telefunker )


    You wrote, (your handwriting is legible and memorable but not blue or red in the post-modernist sense where even the vowels have colors for those of us like you and me who love colors. This is what you wrote:

    ” You are now ready. Clean. Transparent .

    It is not in my power to take you for that walk .

    Go out , You will meet people and you will recognize them
    You will shine on them and they will shine on you

    In the junction of your and their light is Oytoiobeni’s land .

    You wrote it on one single leaf of a paper . That single page you mailed and it came all the way from Ethiopia(Addis Abeba ) where I was born and where you lived to Germany where I lived, carried by the wind of love I almost said in my mystic mood damals. I have that letter with me now. It has become a historic letter deserving a museum built for it alone somewhere in AddisAbeba. .Strange, when all else is lost that this fragile thing should survive.)

    And then you wrote on another page,


    Things are changed now: You MADE ME WANT YOU
    That love that didn’t ask for anything ; that love that was contented with itself …that love came to miss you

    This shows that you considered taking me for ‘that walk’…( that post-modernist walk. . But then you feared I may not understand you and confuse the walk you have in mind with a traditional,one and entrusted me to the good care of my mystical wife ,Oitoiobeni. I was a mystic in those days, you see.Years were to pass before I read and understood the work of the young pioneer and Klassiker of Post-modernism,, Seen in the light of this genius of the 19th centuary, he who came to Harar leaving Charleroi.
    , your letters then many years later showed me you were practicing post-Modernism in your own life, like Virginia Woolf in her books. That was the secret of your love , your faith, your strength, your wealth, your everything. You were in love with lie itself in its infinite variety, as I saw it in your letters. .

    But you didn’t count with me like I didn’t count with you. Because we were both mystics in our own way , there only we saw common ground for love. A Mystic like a Post-modernist loves every single thing for its own sake and not as a means to an end . We felt like as if everything were allowed. How liberated we must have felt, how enriched to suddenly possess the whole universe. One little world, one tiny nation was not enough for us but that bird , or that Bira-Biro ( Butterfly) or you or me or anything be it in summer or winter ,spring or autumn, today, yesterday or tomorrow, ( Do you see that the walk has just begun or are we entering the stadium after having, finished our Marathon ? ). To the Light House .( Virginia Woolf ) was explicit enough in that book .A light breeth of wind just pushed off a petal of a flower from a leaf , Just such a scene as this , innocent and silent and no noise pollution disturbing the silent poesy , any time anywhere.. The surprize has no end. The tree moves, it is warm outside, the sun shines, 30 degree last week, Zero degree last december. The months. !2 they are but the fingers are 5 and the decimal numbers are 10. Number, color, shape, weight, temperature , density, variety, simillarity and so on. Movement is something else. Ruhe another thing as language or painting . So you see my post-modernism even in this my architecture and your letters , the music , the light, the warmth all combine in a symmetrical geometry of an analytic kind full of life. This ,that, here and there, up and down in a circular motion tangenting life we can meet as do curves of parabolas of a circle when they meet another circle creating a point of contact called the Tangente. . I only have to take care that I don’t raise a suspicion of madness. But there is no need for that , no need to raise havoc, a controlled derangement of the senses as the Master advised is helpful in the beginning of Post-Modernism., to liberate the senses from habit which blocks a creative life. But as ones who have grown old with it,, you and I know how to meet and we will meet someday before we died.. Let this serenade be enough for today. Tomorrow I will come to you with the 6th symphony, the Pastorale of Beethoven. It will be just like a prophecy fulfilled when you come to read this first letter of a Post-modernist to ” Telefunker,”
    you will come to read this and what you wrote in 1979 . You wrote , ” YOU MADE ME WANT YOU” , someday when you come to read this first letter of a Post-Modernist to ” Telefunker”

  4. Anonymous says :

    An absurd and funny mistake. In the second paragraph above , I wrote,
    ” You were in love with lie itself ” It should read ” You were in love with life itself.”

    You can take it from the context that I meant life. Though bitter critics of Post-modernism would have it read as a lie. Post-modernism confirms to no dogma of any kind.. It is for a perennial change. But that shouldn’t justify accusing it of falsifying or degrading it as a lie. Quite the contrary . Post-modernism is for Truth which is implied in all abundant life all over the all times. Not the abstract truth of philosophers which can make life sterile through its abstractions and dogmas but the infinite Truths of Life with more than two truth-values . .

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