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Wintercircus (Belgium)

The first ‘Wintercircus’, an indoor circus in the city, was built in 1894 by architect Emile De Weerdt. The circus sadly burnt down in 1920. In 1923, it was rebuilt by architect Jules-Pascal Ledoux, to become the concrete ‘Wintercircus’ we know nowadays. The building has a very strange history. The last circus performance took place on 28 may 1944. Afterwards the circus was donated to the city and later on it became a garage. Ghislain Mahy used the circus to house his collection of old timers and classic cars until he left the ‘Wintercircus’ in 1978.

wintercircus mahy

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Charbonnage de Martinet (Belgium)

Built in 1923, shaft number 4 of the Monceau-Fontaine, called the ‘Martinet’, was used until 1967. Together with the coal washing part, the buildings were left abandoned in 1972.

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