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TLP (Belgium)

The immense concrete coal washing plant was completed in 1954 with the financial aid of the Marshall plan (a plan funding projects in Europe after the Second World War). The washery, an ingenious concrete maze, could process up to 3000 tons of coal a day. In 1969, after only 15 years of service, the plant closed down. Reconversion plans were developed in 2005 and this (protected) industrial monument is now being transformed to be able to house the offices and archives of a myriad of cultural organizations.

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L’École Vétérinaire (Belgium)

The Neo-Renaissance buildings of this veterinary school were built in the early 1900’s. In 1969 the school became part of the Université de Liège. In 1991 the Liège university left the site, leaving the beautiful buildings abandoned.

veterinary school abandoned urban exploration

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