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Fort Steendorp (Belgium)

Built between 1880 and 1890, this fort was the last brick-built fort in Belgium. It marked the end of the era of brick fortification building in the country, which lasted for eight centuries. As part of the fortification belt around the – in those days – military capital of Belgium, Antwerp, the fort was also the most expensive one built until 1890 and the only one with a dry ditch. As the years passed, the fort was turned into a factory where warfare gasses were produced. Later on it became a military training ground. In the late 1990s, the fort lost its military purpose and was transformed into a nature reserve. Nowadays it is almost completely flooded and houses a wide array of fauna and flora.

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Doel (Belgium)

Doel is a little town close to Antwerp. By 2020 the town will be erased due to the expansion of the Antwerp harbour. Most of the houses have been expropriated and many have been looted or trashed. In 2007 there were officially only 359 inhabitants left in the little town. Nowadays mostly asylum seekers and squatters occupy the abandoned houses. As we speak, the inhabitants of Doel are still strongly protesting against the expansion of the harbour, trying to save their town from disappearing.

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Montevideo (Belgium)

The Montevideo halls were built in 1895 in a typical ‘Industrial Revolution’- architecture style. The British Army used these sheds in the Antwerp harbour for storage (butter, thee, cheese, ham, cigarettes, coffee, etc) until the 1950’s. The halls are long abandoned and will be reconverted soon.

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Fort Brialmont (Belgium)

One of the famous fortresses around Antwerp, designed by general Brialmont.

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Chateau Ter Beke (Belgium)

The main castle was built in 1680. Once a brothel, once a restaurant, once a barber shop, it still awaits its final destination.

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BBH Missil Oil (Belgium)

Old oil refining company in the Antwerp petrol harbor.

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B-Cargo (Belgium)

A cargo station owned by the Belgian railways. The large hall with cargo platforms and beautiful office buildings got abandoned in 2006.

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Arsenal militaire (Belgium)

Military arsenal, built in 1907 by the Belgian army.

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