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Le Preventorium (Belgium)

The preventorium, a fine piece of modernist architecture, used to house an institute for children with lung diseases. Located in the middle of the woods in the east of Belgium, all (natural) circumstances were favourable for their treatment. Years later, when the preventorium became abandoned, a couple of artists began to use it as atelier. Nowadays, the building is being renovated.

abandoned, architecture, belgique, belgium, decay, exploration, photography, urban, urban exploration, urbex, preventorium, modernist, modern, institute, clinic, children, lung, disease, diseases, treatment, atelier, ateliers, artist, artists

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Le Bassin (Belgium)

Big abandoned concrete structure. Nowadays the favorite playground for graffiti artists.

urbex,  urban exploration,  decay,  abandoned,  belgium,  belgique, architecture,  photography,  urban,  exploration, Le, Bassin, concrete, structure, playground, graffiti, artists

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