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Château de Br (Belgium)

Built in a neoclassical style around 1750, this castle was once the crown piece of its region. The Belgian royal couple, King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth even paid the château and its marvellous green environment a visit once. Unfortunately a relentless fire destroyed much of the castle’s grandeur. A temporary alloy roof was put in place to halt further decay as renovations are planned that will soon reconvert the castle back to its original, elegant condition.

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L’Université (Belgium)

What started in the 1930s as a visionary modernist plan, which combined some of Belgium’s top architects to design a full-blown university in one of the country’s major cities, ended in an abandoned broken dream. This beautifully designed maze of buildings used to house the mathematical, chemical and mechanical quarters of the university and were constructed in some of the best materials known to men. Sadly enough, the university slowly moved its activities to a new campus outside of the city walls, leaving this modernist masterpiece at the disposal of graffiti sprayers and vandalizing youth. Nevertheless, the city council reacted rapidly and sealed every possible entry to the site. The campus was thus frozen in time and today still boasts several mesmerizing places, such as the wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing and several authentic auditoria that together represent silent witnesses of its glorious past. Fortunately, the future looks bright for the university, as a reconversion plan to turn the buildings into offices in a ‘park for economical activities’, has been developed.

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Château C-A (Belgium)

Designed around 1870 by the famous Belgian architect Charle-Albert, it took 8 years for the chateau to be constructed. The castle is built in a Flemish renaissance style and reveals a perfect symbiosis of classic ornamentation and modern techniques; in which the modern concrete and steel structure of the building is concealed by traditional detailing. Today, after several fires and years of severe vandalism, the castle is in an advanced state of decay.

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Werkplaats NMBS (Belgium)

Abandoned workshop, once used by the Belgian National Railways.

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