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Hotel R-M – Pension E (Belgium)

Abandoned hotel – ‘pension’ at the Belgian sea. The hotel in cottage-style will be reconverted into luxury apartments soon.

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Krankenhaus B-N (Germany)

Abandoned hospital in Germany.

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Koolmijn Winterslag (Belgium)

Built in 1917, the Winterslag coal mine was the first Campine coal mine to produce coal in the area. The mine, which employed 6250 people in its hay days, reached a record year production of 1.635.514 tons in 1967. The mine was shut down in 1988.

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Conti (Germany)

Abandoned tyre factory.

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Werkplaats NMBS (Belgium)

Abandoned workshop, once used by the Belgian National Railways.

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Château de l’Ermitage (Belgium)

Built around 1900, this château used to be a boarding house and later a home for the elderly. Two fires and a long time of abandonment have left the castle in a dangerous state of decay.

Speicherstadt (Germany)

The Speicherstadt was built as a ‘storehouse city’ around 1840, consisting of a dozen of storehouses close to the canal. Later on some of the storehouses were being used as slaughterhouse and mill, until the whole Speicherstadt area became abandoned.

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