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Brauerei Sternburg (Germany)

The Sternburg beer brand has a rich history dating back to 1277. Over the years, the beer production changed location more than once. At one point the brewery became a VEB (people owned company). Even though this particular brewery closed several years ago, the Sternburg brand is still alive as its production – once again – moved to more modern facilities. This industrial landmark will however soon be reconverted into an office and residential units.

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Bärenquell Brauerei (Germany)

Abandoned brewery in Berlin dating back to the late 1880s. Over the years, the brewery expanded substantially, producing a wide assortment of beers. When in 1994 the brewery had to close, it soon became the preferred purlieu for vandalizing youth and graffiti sprayers.

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Brauerei K (Germany)

Abandoned brewery, which finds its origin in the early 18th century. The brewing group officially went into business around 1730 and drastically expanded in the following decades, reaching a brewing-capacity of millions of hectoliters annually. During its heydays, this blossoming brewing empire changed hands more than once and was progressively incorporated into increasingly larger brewing companies. Nowadays, the iconic factory stands abandoned, while the beer continues to be brewed – following the original recipe – in new, state-of-the-art breweries.

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Brauerei D (Germany)

The brewery started in the 1840-50’s, but the impressive building was the result of a big expansion around 1900. The brewery and malting plant have been abandoned for some time now.

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Brauhaus (Germany)

The old brewery was built in the 1870-80’s. The malting plant was added in the late 1890’s. After WW2 the beer production stopped and since then the buildings have been used for various other businesses. A sports association has built sports halls, a sauna and even a bowling alley in the old brewery. Later a big bar with dance halls was added. Nowadays a big part of the Brauhaus has been reconverted to make place for offices.

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Brauerei Lohbusch (Germany)

The brewery was built in 1869. When Anton Lohbusch became head of the brewery in 1893, it became the ‘Lohbusch Brauerei’. In 1964 a takeover took place but the brand name remained. Finally in 1993, after a century of brewing Lohbusch beer, the factory became abandoned.

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Brauerei Gatzweiler (Germany)

The Gatzweiler brewery was built in 1963 and stayed active until Gatzweiler sold their name in 1999.

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