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Villa Chopin (Belgium)

Abandoned villa with a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Amongst the noble guests who resided in the villa over the years, one stands out: Frédéric Chopin. This Polish composer, well known for his virtuoso Nocturnes, Preludes, and Études, spent the night at the villa during one of his European tours. Today, many rooms of the villa are in a bad state of decay. The frescos in the lounge however, still remind us of the grandeur of its glorious past.

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Château RedM (Belgium)

The origin of this château dates back to the 17th century. A few decades ago it was reconverted into a hotel. Poor management however led to the demise of the luxurious establishment. Nowadays the castle stands abandoned amidst its green surroundings. Inside, not a piece of furniture has been removed – the style, a truly eclectic mix of modern kitsch and classic ornamental craftsmanship, is very characteristic of the hotel business.

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Château de H (Belgium)

Beautiful little castle with nearby castle farm, built in the 18th century. After years of neglect the château will be reconverted soon.

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Le Kot M (Belgium)

Once a Dominican Monastery with school, dating back to the 17th century, these buildings later became army barracks during the French Revolution. Later on, the buildings served even more different purposes, from a cotton factory to a brewery, storage building for the National Railways and a basket weaving company. In its final years, before it became abandoned, the building was once again a school, this time a technical college. Nowadays the buildings are protected and are being renovated.

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