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Depot Dupont (Belgium)

Abandoned oil workshop close to the Belgian coast. Nowadays a playground for vandals and graffiti artists.

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Home RTT (Belgium)

Built in 1949 by the famous Belgian architect Henry Lacoste, the art-déco Home RTT was a vacation home for the children of RTT employees (the Belgian national telephone operator). In 1998 the beautiful building in the dunes at the Belgian sea got abandoned.

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Beliard (Belgium)

Beliard, a big shipyard at the Belgian sea, was found in 1923. At first they mainly produced fishing boats but when they merged with Crighton (in the 50’s) and later with Mercantile (in the 80’s) the shipyard changed its production to steal boats and later to polyester.

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Ter Zee (Belgium)

Service residence for the elderly at the Belgian coast. Next to the residency, which could house up to 50 people, there’s a beautiful chapel on the site.

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