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Les Soeurs de Dieu (Belgium)

Neo gothic monastery with a grand chapel. The chapel was built around 1900. As the grounds were handed over to the adjacent school, around the turn of the 21st century, plans were made to tear the chapel down and build a new school on its grounds. The city council did not object to these plans. However, recently the institute for architecture- and building conservation advised the city council to protect the chapel as well as the beautiful monastery gardens.

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Wintercircus (Belgium)

The first ‘Wintercircus’, an indoor circus in the city, was built in 1894 by architect Emile De Weerdt. The circus sadly burnt down in 1920. In 1923, it was rebuilt by architect Jules-Pascal Ledoux, to become the concrete ‘Wintercircus’ we know nowadays. The building has a very strange history. The last circus performance took place on 28 may 1944. Afterwards the circus was donated to the city and later on it became a garage. Ghislain Mahy used the circus to house his collection of old timers and classic cars until he left the ‘Wintercircus’ in 1978.

wintercircus mahy

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Pain de Vie (Belgium)

Abandoned monastery dating back to the 16th century. The old convent, once owned by the Jesuits, was taken over by the community of Pain de Vie (Bread of Life). In 2007 a fire destroyed a big part of the buildings. In 2009 a new fire – and this time it wasn’t an accident – hit the convent once again. The damages were so big this time that the monastery had to be left abandoned.

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De Moor (Belgium)

Manufacturer of lathes. The factory once employed 120 workers. The last lathe left the workshops in 1982.

De Moor abandoned urban exploration

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Lavoir de Laines (Belgium)

The wool washing plant became abandoned in 2004. In its productive years, the plant used to turn freshly shaven wool into a clean wool product, ready to be used by the different textile factories in the area.

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Château de Bèvre (Belgium)

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium.

abandoned, architecture, belgique, belgium, decay, exploration, photography, urban, urban exploration, urbex, castle, chateau, de, Bèvre

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Filature De Leie (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning mill in a region that used to be the heart of the textile industry in Belgium.

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