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Schloss H (Germany)

In its last days before the Schloss became abandoned, this castle – situated somewhere in Germany – served as a nursing home for the elderly.

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Retirement home G (Germany)

This former retirement home, which has been abandoned for over five years now, is located in a peaceful environment, overlooking a beautiful, natural valley. The modern building stands in stark contrast to its idyllic surroundings, as it is rapidly turning into a ruin. Even though the exterior appears to be in mint condition, big parts of the interior have either been covered with graffiti or vandalized. Local action groups are campaigning for the redevelopment of the complex, thus safeguarding it for future generations.

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Château de l’Ermitage (Belgium)

Built around 1900, this château used to be a boarding house and later a home for the elderly. Two fires and a long time of abandonment have left the castle in a dangerous state of decay.

Ter Zee (Belgium)

Service residence for the elderly at the Belgian coast. Next to the residency, which could house up to 50 people, there’s a beautiful chapel on the site.

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