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Paper Factory (Germany)

Around 1850, this brand new textile factory was built next to the river in this quaint little village in the German rural hinterland. After a few years, it changed hands and was transformed into a paper factory. As the years passed by, the factory became the focal point of the village and an industrial catalyst for the region’s econmy. Complete production lines were built and the company gradually specialized in innovative types of paper – from crepe and textile woven paper to aluminium foil. Today, the two full-blown steam engines of this once pounding heart of Germany’s paper industry whistle no more – the factory is torn down.

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The machine room (Belgium)

This machine room used to be the pounding heart of one of the largest roof tile factories in Belgium. Built in the northern part of the country during the 1920s, this factory was once considered very innovative for its époque. The large drying sheds for example were in part heated by the recuperated heat of the steam engines. Even though these drying sheds have been beautifully reconverted into offices, large parts of the factory have been demolished while others lay abandoned and collect dust – hoping that one day the necessary funds will be gathered to commence renovation.

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Factory A (Belgium)

The huge abandoned workshops of what once was one of the biggest manufacturers of electro mechanics worldwide. The company, which was specialised in electronic engines for trains and alternators for power plants, was already found in the 1880’s, although it got its name when it changed hands around 1900. Around 1990, the group went bankrupt and fell apart into different concerns of which only one is still active today.

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Klöckner Humboldt Deutz (Germany)

Old engine factory in Köln, Germany. Manufacturer of the famous Deutz engines.

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