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Filature François Scheppers (Belgium)

When in 1842 François Scheppers left his trade house in Brussels to build a modern factory in Lot, a quaint village near the Belgian capital, it kick-started a migration wave, which led to a substantial growth of the little village. The hundreds of workers who had become unemployed when the construction of the Fort of Steendorp was completed now moved to Lot to work in Scheppers’ Société anonyme de Loth pour la Filature et la Fabricaton de Tissus de Laines Peignées. Scheppers built his textile factory right in the middle of the railway, the river Zenne and the canal Brussels-Charleroi. This prime location allowed him to make abundant use of the natural resources in the manufacturing process (e.g. the water from the river for textile cleaning) and also facilitated the transportation of the produced goods. In the following years, the factory blossomed and Scheppers was named a member of the prestigious Orde van Leopold I for the leading role that he played in the industrialization of the country. In its final years, the Société anonyme de Loth changed its name to Cartonnex. This new name unfortunately did not bring salvation. Cartonnex underwent the same fate that many Belgian textile factories succumbed to in this period; unable to compete with cheap foreign labour markets, the factory was forced to close its doors. Recently, large parts of the factory have been demolished while other parts are being reconverted.

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Filature EDP (Belgium)

The filature was built in 1895 and later on, in 1926, a spinning mill was added. The last expansion to the factory was built in 1964. The spinning mill went bankrupt in 1976 and the whole factory had to close its doors in 1982.

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Filature Beernaerts (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning mill.

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Filature De Leie (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning mill in a region that used to be the heart of the textile industry in Belgium.

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Filature Nouvelle Orléans (Belgium)

The original cotton mill was founded in 1896. After a fusion with another cotton company, it got its name ‘Filature Nouvelle Orléans’ in 1957. In 1972 a takeover took place and the factory eventually closed down in 1990. Until 1996 the buildings were used for different purposes by Barco.

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Tissage et Filature Camille De Stoop (Belgium)

Spinning mill, built in 1908 and expanded in 1927. Through the years the spinning activities got replaced by general textile production. The beautiful building got abandoned in 1990.

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