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Loods 22 (Belgium)

Abandoned shed in the Ghent harbour. The shed, one component of a series of sheds in the industrial part of the city, will soon be reconverted.

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Maison Jozef August Jacobs (Netherlands)

In 1905 architect Jozef August Jacobs got assigned to design a glass factory and manor-house right next to the Belgium-Netherlands border. Jacobs was the first inhabitant of the house as he became head of the factory. He later started a phosphate factory in the surroundings too. After WW2 and the difficulties with the border, things started to turn bad. In 1927 Jacobs leaves the manor-house and moves to Ghent. The new owner of the house, Bel, only stayed in it for a short period. Afterwards the place was used by Boy Scouts, until it got abandoned in 1951.