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The Officers Quarter (Germany)

The Officers’ Quarter was built in the 1860s and throughout the course of the following century experienced a tumultuous (political) history. In the beginning, the theatre and concert hall not only featured numerous concerts by renowned philharmonic orchestras but also showcased the crème de la crème of the German acting gild in well-known theatre productions. During this time, the hall was frequently remodeled to comply with ‘modern’ demands – each time involving some of the most talented contemporary architects of the époque. During the Second World War, the Officers’ Quarter hosted many NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)-events and even became the official ‘Kraft durch Freude Concert Hall’. After the war, the Soviets claimed the hall and dubbed it ‘Red Army Hall’; later on, they renamed it to: ‘Soviets’ Officers Club’. In those days, the club featured a cinema, library, restaurant and a discotheque. To symbolize the German-Soviet-friendship, they even placed a giant statue of Lenin in front of the buildings. After the Red Army hed left, the place became abandoned… Lenin’s statue disappeared. Nowadays, this (once) majestic theatre hall is in an advanced state of decay.

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Athénée Royal (Belgium)

Abandoned Royal college. Between the sever vandalism and the collapsed floors, there is still an impressive sports hall to be found.

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Casino (Belgium)

In its hay days a beautiful casino, later on a dance hall for the local youth, nowadays abandoned.

abandoned casino urban exploration

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De Moor (Belgium)

Manufacturer of lathes. The factory once employed 120 workers. The last lathe left the workshops in 1982.

De Moor abandoned urban exploration

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T & T (Belgium)

This immense place used to house the first European postal service (between Brussels and Vienna). Around 1900, a big expansion was agreed, as the site became a merchandise station, big warehouse and maritime port. The works for these expansions ended ten years later. In 1987 this fine example of ‘Industrial Revolution’-architecture became abandoned.

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Delbrassine (Belgium)

Abandoned tube factory somewhere in Belgium.

delbrassine abandoned factory

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Brauhaus (Germany)

The old brewery was built in the 1870-80’s. The malting plant was added in the late 1890’s. After WW2 the beer production stopped and since then the buildings have been used for various other businesses. A sports association has built sports halls, a sauna and even a bowling alley in the old brewery. Later a big bar with dance halls was added. Nowadays a big part of the Brauhaus has been reconverted to make place for offices.

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