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RAW M (Germany)

This Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (RAW), a large workshop where locomotives were repaired and serviced, dates back to the 1890s. The impressive maintenance hall with no less than 45 tracks makes it one of Germany’s largest RAW’s. The workshop even had its own small power station. Nowadays the offices, the repair- and maintenance halls and the power station are left to rot.

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Abattoir (Belgium)

The big empty halls of what once was a big slaughterhouse in a Belgian city.

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L’Usine de V (Belgium)

Manufacturer of industrial heating systems. When the company went bankrupt around 2005, these beautiful factory halls were left abandoned.

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Colette (Belgium)

Abandoned distribution centre with large offices.

abandoned, architecture, belgique, belgium, decay, exploration, photography, urban, urban exploration, urbex, Colette, distribution, centre, halls, officese

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I-Sugar (Belgium)

Abandoned sugar factory somewhere in Belgium. The buildings on the heavily polluted site are being demolished, making space for future projects.

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De Moor (Belgium)

Manufacturer of lathes. The factory once employed 120 workers. The last lathe left the workshops in 1982.

De Moor abandoned urban exploration

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T & T (Belgium)

This immense place used to house the first European postal service (between Brussels and Vienna). Around 1900, a big expansion was agreed, as the site became a merchandise station, big warehouse and maritime port. The works for these expansions ended ten years later. In 1987 this fine example of ‘Industrial Revolution’-architecture became abandoned.

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Milk factory (Belgium)

Abandoned milk factory, nowadays a dump for old cars.

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Delbrassine (Belgium)

Abandoned tube factory somewhere in Belgium.

delbrassine abandoned factory

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Montevideo (Belgium)

The Montevideo halls were built in 1895 in a typical ‘Industrial Revolution’- architecture style. The British Army used these sheds in the Antwerp harbour for storage (butter, thee, cheese, ham, cigarettes, coffee, etc) until the 1950’s. The halls are long abandoned and will be reconverted soon.

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