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Hotel HH (Germany)

Built around the turn of the 20th century, the HH Hotel, situated in a very touristic region in the former Eastern Germany, was frequented by many high-placed politicians, businessmen and Russian officers in its heydays. The fall of the Iron Curtain led to the hotel’s decline and it soon became abandoned in the 1990s.

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Château RedM (Belgium)

The origin of this château dates back to the 17th century. A few decades ago it was reconverted into a hotel. Poor management however led to the demise of the luxurious establishment. Nowadays the castle stands abandoned amidst its green surroundings. Inside, not a piece of furniture has been removed – the style, a truly eclectic mix of modern kitsch and classic ornamental craftsmanship, is very characteristic of the hotel business.

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Louis XIV (Belgium)

Abandoned modernist hotel.

abandoned, architecture, belgique, belgium, decay, exploration, photography, urban, urban exploration, urbex, modern, moderne, modernist, hotel, Louis, XIV, Quatorze

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Hotel R-M – Pension E (Belgium)

Abandoned hotel – ‘pension’ at the Belgian sea. The hotel in cottage-style will be reconverted into luxury apartments soon.

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Hotel Kosmos (Belgium)

This modernist hotel was built in 1936 on a hill with a nice view over the surroundings. In 2002 the hotel lost its license to keep the outdoor swimming pool running. In 2004 Hotel Kosmos went bankrupt.

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Golden Martlet Hotel (UK)

Small abandoned pub/club/hotel in Sussex, UK.

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The hotel that never was (Belgium)

Once a prestigious project for a grand hotel (mid 70’s), now a concrete structure being reclaimed by nature.

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