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Solbad (Germany)

The first Solbad, a bathhouse with thermal and medical baths, was built as early as the mid-nineteenth century. It is said that in its heydays, in the 1870s, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche visited the bathhouse more than once. Around 1920, the original Solbad made place for the Art Deco building we can still witness today. In 1977 the bathhouse closed its doors.

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Maison TLF (Belgium)

Abandoned maison in the south of Belgium.

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Maison Heinen (Luxembourg)

Abandoned large farm house in a quaint village in the outskirts of the city of Luxembourg. The stucco detailing and fine craftsmanship of the wall and ceiling decorations give the villa a sophisticated feel. On the first floor, newspapers and calendars dating back to the 1930s adorn the untouched bedroom, which features not only religious statues, but also the obligatory bedroom-wall-cross.

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Finaspan-Marien (Belgium)

Finaspan-Marien, a company with roots going back to 1890 when founding father Louis Marien started the saw-milling timber industry, is still a very active producer of MDF boards nowadays. The company became well known for having built 40000 green houses in the Hoeilaart region and having produced up to 15000 wooden grape boxes each day in its hay days. This factory however was abandoned in 2002, around the time when the company specialized in MDF fabrication, rather than veneered plywood, block board or chipboard.

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Slachthuis (Belgium)

The first slaughterhouse on the grounds was built in 1877. After it got bombed in WW2, a bigger one was built on the same place. In 2000 the slaughterhouse became abandoned.

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Château de l’Ermitage (Belgium)

Built around 1900, this château used to be a boarding house and later a home for the elderly. Two fires and a long time of abandonment have left the castle in a dangerous state of decay.

Quartier abandonné (Belgium)

Abandoned suburb where every house had to be expropriated because of the fact that it was built too close to an airport.

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