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Piscine S (Belgium)

The layout of this beautiful modernist building was based on an innovative concept: to combine different types of leisure infrastructure – in this case a swimming pool and a theatre – under the same roof. The grand staircase with a curtain wall was once the piece de résistance of this sublime architectural jewel. The ambitious plan however turned out to be less than succesfull; the pool/ theatre had to close, leaving this valuabe part of architectural heritage to decay.

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Cinema Theatre Varia (Belgium)

Built in the early 1910’s by the famous Belgian architect Emile Claes, the ‘Cinéma Theatre Varia’ is a fine example of concrete Art Nouveau and is one of the few remaining pre-WW1 theatres in Belgium.

cinema theatre varia urban exploration

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La Piscine M (Belgium)

Abandoned swimming pool dating back to the WW1 era. The pool originally had a steel and glass roof – which was later replaced by a modern flat roof. The statue and fine details in the interior architecture still remind us of the original pré-1920 architectural grandeur.

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