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DDR Hörsaal (Germany)

Abandoned military school that was once used to train the cream of the crop of the East-German military talents to become future Soviet leaders. When the iron curtain fell, the school lost its function and soon thereafter became abandoned.

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Military Hospital R (Germany)

Abandoned military hospital in the former Eastern Germany. When the iron curtain fell and the Red Army left, the hospital was vacated. The only witnesses that remain of its past are a few Soviet murals and a couple of operation lamps.

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Psychiatrie (Germany)

This psychiatric hospital dates back to the 1880s. Throughout the years, it has served many purposes. During both the First – and the Second World War, it was used as a hospital. Later on, it became a refuge for (male) mental patients. By the end of the 1990s, the hospital closed its doors. Even though the hospital was sold a mere two years after it shut down, the new owner never reinstated it and left the building to decay.

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Fort Steendorp (Belgium)

Built between 1880 and 1890, this fort was the last brick-built fort in Belgium. It marked the end of the era of brick fortification building in the country, which lasted for eight centuries. As part of the fortification belt around the – in those days – military capital of Belgium, Antwerp, the fort was also the most expensive one built until 1890 and the only one with a dry ditch. As the years passed, the fort was turned into a factory where warfare gasses were produced. Later on it became a military training ground. In the late 1990s, the fort lost its military purpose and was transformed into a nature reserve. Nowadays it is almost completely flooded and houses a wide array of fauna and flora.

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OZR (Belgium)

Abandoned hospital with a history dating back to the eighteenth century. These buildings have known a multitude of occupations over the years, once functioning as part of a military hospital and – later on – even as a branch of a mental institution. The hospital blocks officially closed in the 1970s. Today, some wings have already been reconverted.

urbex,  urban exploration,  decay,  abandoned,  belgium,  belgique, architecture,  photography,  urban,  exploration, hospital, military, mental, institution

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Lt Coppens Kazerne (Belgium)

Army headquarters, also known as Kazerne-Oost, named after Lieutenant Jean Coppens who died in Korea in 1952, fighting against the Chinese. Reconversion of the abandoned quarters has already started.

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Airport B (Belgium)

A few abandoned parts of a small military airport in the East of Belgium.

abandoned military airport

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Military Airport G (Belgium)

Built around 1920, this was one of the first Belgian military airports. The airport was closed in the mid 90’s. The airstrip is still being used by a local flying club but the barracks and sporting facilities were left abandoned.

Fort III (Belgium)

Built in 1859, Fort III was part of the Brialmont fortification around the city of Antwerp. Construction works ended five years later, in 1864 revealing the fortress’ unique entrance to the reduit and unique capponières, which weren’t built in other forts of the second southern fortification belt.

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Ulanenkaserne (Germany)

The army barracks of the Ulanenkaserne were built in 1890. Nowadays these beautiful buildings are being renovated into lofts.

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Fort van B (Belgium)

The military fort was part of the third fortification around the city of Antwerp. It was the only one in the third fortification with an irregular formed plan. The construction of the Fort started before WW1 but the works weren’t finished when the war started. In WW2 it got quickly conquered and served mostly as a point of distribution. In the 1960’s it became abandoned.

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Fort de Pontisse (Belgium)

Abandoned fort in the south of Belgium.

abandoned, architecture, belgique, belgium, decay, exploration, photography, urban, urban exploration, urbex, military, militair, army, fortification, fort, pontisse

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Flugplatz S (Germany)

One of the few remains of what once was a big airport in a little town in Germany. The -mostly military- airport played an important role in Zeppelin – history.

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Militair Hospitaal (Belgium)

The construction works for this military hospital together with the military arsenal started in 1898, but it wasn’t until 1911 when the hospital officially opened. The site consists of many hospital blocks, a surgery, a chapel and a monastery. The hospital got abandoned in 1993 and will be reconverted into lofts.

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Beelitz Heilstätten (Germany)

TBC sanatorium, built around 1900. The whole complex consisted of 60 buildings in a green environment and could accommodate 1200 patients. After WW2 the Russian Army took over the place and it became the best equipped military hospital outside the Soviet Union. In 1994 the Russian army left the facilities.

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