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Strike (Belgium)

Abandoned windmill annex bowling alley. The original mill was bombed during the Second World War and was reconstructed on the exact same spot once the war ended. Soon after, the mill lost its function and became a gimmicky part of the tavern built right next to it. Over the years, the tavern was transformed into a full-scale bowling alley. Around the turn of the 21st century, a new owner aspired to convert the complex into a casino, but, when the permits weren’t granted, the bowling alley and windmill became abandoned.

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Magran (Belgium)

Abandoned grain mill.

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Filature EDP (Belgium)

The filature was built in 1895 and later on, in 1926, a spinning mill was added. The last expansion to the factory was built in 1964. The spinning mill went bankrupt in 1976 and the whole factory had to close its doors in 1982.

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Papeterie L et C (Belgium)

Abandoned paper factory. The history of the building dates back to the 17th century, when a mill was built on these grounds. Later on, this mill was converted into a paper factory, which was many years later, after the paper producing activities had stopped, again converted. This time into a secondhand car dealer shop. In its last years (before total abandonment) a fire destroyed large parts of the upper floor.

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Filature N (Belgium)

Abandoned textile factory and spinning mill. This immense factory was famous for its industrial carpet production. When the overarching textile group that this factory belonged to went bankrupt several years ago, hundreds of workers lost their jobs.

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ECI (Netherlands)

ECI has an impressive history. As early as in 1798 watermills were built on this site, that was later on equipped with a large paper mill (in 1807), constructed by Burghoff, Magnée & Co. After the paper mill was sold to a potato factory about a century later (in 1908), the first (hydro-electric) power station was erected on the site. Only a few decades later, in 1926, the buildings changed hands again and ECI (Electro Chemical Industry) was born. Although the buildings were bombed during WW2, the site was soon rebuilt once the war ended only to be left abandoned by 1974. Nevertheless, as the new millennium started, many of the buildings were reconverted into offices and also a new –slightly smaller- hydro-electric plant was built.

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Steam powered saw mill (Belgium)

Protected steam powered sawing mill.

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Filature Beernaerts (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning mill.

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De Nieuwe Molens (Belgium)

Immense grain mill that got abandoned in 2004. On the site there are 2 big gas holders to be found, dating back to the days when the city had 2 gas factories in the area. The gas holders as well as the grain mill are protected industrial monuments.

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Speicherstadt (Germany)

The Speicherstadt was built as a ‘storehouse city’ around 1840, consisting of a dozen of storehouses close to the canal. Later on some of the storehouses were being used as slaughterhouse and mill, until the whole Speicherstadt area became abandoned.

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Filature De Leie (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning mill in a region that used to be the heart of the textile industry in Belgium.

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KTM (Belgium)

Settled in the textile center of Belgium, the ‘Kortrijkse Textiel Maatschappij’ once had 800 employees. The oldest buildings of KTM date back to 1950 whilst some halls were added in the 70’s. In 2001 the company went bankrupt and the factory became abandoned.

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Filature Nouvelle Orléans (Belgium)

The original cotton mill was founded in 1896. After a fusion with another cotton company, it got its name ‘Filature Nouvelle Orléans’ in 1957. In 1972 a takeover took place and the factory eventually closed down in 1990. Until 1996 the buildings were used for different purposes by Barco.

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Bloemmolen (Belgium)

Abandoned flower mill.

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