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Werkplaats NMBS (Belgium)

Abandoned workshop, once used by the Belgian National Railways.

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Château Miranda (Belgium)

When the French Revolution made the Count of Liedekerke-Beaufort leave his feudal castle of Vèves to go hide in a nearby farm (facing the castle of Vèves), the story of ‘Chateau Miranda’ begins. The Count stayed in the farm and kept expanding it until, in 1866, he asks the English architect Milner to design the castle we know now as Chateau Miranda. After WW2 the castle was sold to the Belgian railway company (NMBS) who used it as a vacation home for the NMBS employees. In 1991 the castle became abandoned.

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B-Cargo (Belgium)

A cargo station owned by the Belgian railways. The large hall with cargo platforms and beautiful office buildings got abandoned in 2006.

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