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Dadipark (Belgium)

Originally established in 1949 by a priest as ‘Daiselpark’, this was one of the first theme parks for kids in Belgium. Located in Dadizele, a quaint little village in Western-Flanders and later renamed ‘Dadipark’, the demise of this well known park set in in 2000, after a young boy was seriously injured in the nautic jet – one of its most important attractions. Three years later the park was closed and although many groups are to this day attempting to find investors to reopen it, the city council recently announced that the park will be demolished.

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Mother of Saviour (Belgium)

In 1915 a beautiful park was handed over to the university hospital by a noble family. The university hospital, together with the Catholic Sisters of Mercy, started a neuro-psychiatric clinic in the ‘English garden’- styled park in 1927. In 1997 the university left, leaving the buildings and park abandoned.

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Krankenhaus W (Germany)

This hospital for babies and children was built around 1910. Already two years later new wings and a park were added. In the late 1980’s the last wing was built. In 1997 the hospital had to close its doors.

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