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Centrale Electrique Ohm (Belgium)

The abandoned power station was built in the first decade of the twentieth century in a typical Industrial Revolution-architectural style with a grand steel roof. This beautiful building, equipped with marvelous turbines, was abandoned a long time ago and has – after decades of collecting dust – been sold to a private investor.

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Centrale Thermique – Zone l’Ouest (Belgium)

Abandoned power plant somewhere in Belgium.

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Factory A (Belgium)

The huge abandoned workshops of what once was one of the biggest manufacturers of electro mechanics worldwide. The company, which was specialised in electronic engines for trains and alternators for power plants, was already found in the 1880’s, although it got its name when it changed hands around 1900. Around 1990, the group went bankrupt and fell apart into different concerns of which only one is still active today.

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ECI (Netherlands)

ECI has an impressive history. As early as in 1798 watermills were built on this site, that was later on equipped with a large paper mill (in 1807), constructed by Burghoff, Magnée & Co. After the paper mill was sold to a potato factory about a century later (in 1908), the first (hydro-electric) power station was erected on the site. Only a few decades later, in 1926, the buildings changed hands again and ECI (Electro Chemical Industry) was born. Although the buildings were bombed during WW2, the site was soon rebuilt once the war ended only to be left abandoned by 1974. Nevertheless, as the new millennium started, many of the buildings were reconverted into offices and also a new –slightly smaller- hydro-electric plant was built.

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Transfo (Belgium)

Typical pre-WW1 power station. The station was built in 1911 and provided the region with steam and energy. In 2001 the station closed down.

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