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Military Hospital R (Germany)

Abandoned military hospital in the former Eastern Germany. When the iron curtain fell and the Red Army left, the hospital was vacated. The only witnesses that remain of its past are a few Soviet murals and a couple of operation lamps.

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The Officers Quarter (Germany)

The Officers’ Quarter was built in the 1860s and throughout the course of the following century experienced a tumultuous (political) history. In the beginning, the theatre and concert hall not only featured numerous concerts by renowned philharmonic orchestras but also showcased the crème de la crème of the German acting gild in well-known theatre productions. During this time, the hall was frequently remodeled to comply with ‘modern’ demands – each time involving some of the most talented contemporary architects of the époque. During the Second World War, the Officers’ Quarter hosted many NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)-events and even became the official ‘Kraft durch Freude Concert Hall’. After the war, the Soviets claimed the hall and dubbed it ‘Red Army Hall’; later on, they renamed it to: ‘Soviets’ Officers Club’. In those days, the club featured a cinema, library, restaurant and a discotheque. To symbolize the German-Soviet-friendship, they even placed a giant statue of Lenin in front of the buildings. After the Red Army hed left, the place became abandoned… Lenin’s statue disappeared. Nowadays, this (once) majestic theatre hall is in an advanced state of decay.

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Kühl (Germany)

The factory started in the beginning of the 1950’s as a manufacturer of refrigerators with a repair department. Later on the company specialized in bigger compressors and became an important company for research and development of refrigerating units worldwide (with for its time very innovative testing facilities). They even created units that were used for space research by the Soviet Union. In its hay days the factory employed 2800 workers. The last employee left the factory in the mid 1990’s.

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Beelitz Heilstätten (Germany)

TBC sanatorium, built around 1900. The whole complex consisted of 60 buildings in a green environment and could accommodate 1200 patients. After WW2 the Russian Army took over the place and it became the best equipped military hospital outside the Soviet Union. In 1994 the Russian army left the facilities.

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KDF Bad Prora (Germany)

The KDF Bad Prora was meant to be an immense holiday centre – sea resort and would house 20,000 people. The project, designed by Clemens Klotz, won the architecture prize at the 1937 Paris World Exhibition. Only part of it was built between 1936 and 1939. After WW2 the Soviet Army installed an army base at Prora. The 8 gigantic building blocks, already forming an impressive construction, were abandoned after the Soviets left.

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