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Athénée Royal (Belgium)

Abandoned Royal college. Between the sever vandalism and the collapsed floors, there is still an impressive sports hall to be found.

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Hippodrome (Belgium)

Old horse track with terraces and a fancy bar. The buildings have been squatted for a while and are in a bad state of decay.

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Brauhaus (Germany)

The old brewery was built in the 1870-80’s. The malting plant was added in the late 1890’s. After WW2 the beer production stopped and since then the buildings have been used for various other businesses. A sports association has built sports halls, a sauna and even a bowling alley in the old brewery. Later a big bar with dance halls was added. Nowadays a big part of the Brauhaus has been reconverted to make place for offices.

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Olympisches Dorf (Germany)

Built in 1934, the Olympic village comprises of 150 buildings (including a swimming pool, soccer field, athletics field, gym hall, theatre, etc.). Over 4000 athletes of 50 nations stayed at the village which later became an infantry school and residence for Russian officers.

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De Schalk (Belgium)

Abandoned swimming pool, designed by De Smet.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique Schalk Willebroek

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