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Filature N (Belgium)

Abandoned textile factory and spinning mill. This immense factory was famous for its industrial carpet production. When the overarching textile group that this factory belonged to went bankrupt several years ago, hundreds of workers lost their jobs.

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OCU (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning & weaving mill. This factory once belonged to one of Belgium’s major textile groups, which at a certain point in time employed more than 10.000 people. This textile group was established around WW1 when a noble family, several financial institutions and a couple of weaving mills decided to join hands. However, a drastic internal restructuring which took place a couple of years ago, rendered the factory superfluous and – as a consequence – it was left abandoned.

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Alsberghe & Van Oost (Belgium)

This textile bleaching factory was built in 1879. In 1978, the factory went bankrupt. Sobelta bought the factory grounds and sold them to Artifex in 1990, who used the sheds for storage. Unfortunately, at this time, some parts of the protected steam engine were stolen, surrendering the factory into a downward spiral. After Artifex abandoned the building, vandalism and theft increased, rendering the factory into a ruin. Today reconversion plan started; demolishing the most decayed parts of the buildings and redeveloping the best preserved ones into social housing.

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Voddekot (Belgium)

Although the exterior of this old textile company looks quite promising, its interior is completely overgrown by weeds and green. The roofless factory halls now house chickens and rabbits that have been put there by a local farmer.

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Filature De Leie (Belgium)

Abandoned spinning mill in a region that used to be the heart of the textile industry in Belgium.

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KTM (Belgium)

Settled in the textile center of Belgium, the ‘Kortrijkse Textiel Maatschappij’ once had 800 employees. The oldest buildings of KTM date back to 1950 whilst some halls were added in the 70’s. In 2001 the company went bankrupt and the factory became abandoned.

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