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Centrale Thermique Terres Rouges (Luxembourg)

Abandoned power station in the industrial heart of Luxembourg. Already in the 1870s, four furnaces were built in the region. Since then, many blast furnaces have been added, which led to the blossoming of the Luxembourg steel industry and turned it into one of the largest in Europe. Originally, only the gas which was produced by the creation of cokes was used to generate electricity – next to, evidently older techniques which existed already. Later on, however, a new process was discovered to convert the furnace gas, which was released by the melting of the steel, into electricity. In 1951, the Centrale Thermique was built, which allowed to apply this newly developed technique and thus provide electricity for the surrounding industry. When the last furnace in the region was shut down in 1997, the power station lost its purpose and was left abandoned. It soon became a hotspot for copper thieves and graffiti sprayers. The building will soon be demolished.

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Powerplant IM (Belgium)

Abandoned power plant somewhere in Belgium.

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ECVB (Belgium)

Abandoned power plant.

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Centrale Thermique – Zone l’Ouest (Belgium)

Abandoned power plant somewhere in Belgium.

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