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The machine room (Belgium)

This machine room used to be the pounding heart of one of the largest roof tile factories in Belgium. Built in the northern part of the country during the 1920s, this factory was once considered very innovative for its époque. The large drying sheds for example were in part heated by the recuperated heat of the steam engines. Even though these drying sheds have been beautifully reconverted into offices, large parts of the factory have been demolished while others lay abandoned and collect dust – hoping that one day the necessary funds will be gathered to commence renovation.

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Tuileries du Littoral (Belgium)

The factory started to produce roof tiles in 1924. In 2001 the beautiful building got abandoned.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique Tuileries Littoral roof tile tiles factory

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Agma (Belgium)

Roof tile factory, closed its doors in 2003.

urbex urban exploration decay abandoned belgium infiltration belgique Agma

Damman (Belgium)

Roof tile factory. Had to close down due to environmental laws.

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