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Gare de Hombourg (Belgium)

The railway lines at the Gare de Hombourg were already constructed before 1900. In 1940, during WW2, the German Army used the station and the tracks for the connection between Belgium and Aachen. After the war, Belgians started using the station and its tracks again until it was closed for passengers (in 1957) and freights (in 1962). In 1992, the tracks were demolished and the station was left abandoned. Today the tracks have been rebuilt and the station has been reconverted to a restaurant. The old rusty trains will be restored to become part of a railway museum.

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Factory A (Belgium)

The huge abandoned workshops of what once was one of the biggest manufacturers of electro mechanics worldwide. The company, which was specialised in electronic engines for trains and alternators for power plants, was already found in the 1880’s, although it got its name when it changed hands around 1900. Around 1990, the group went bankrupt and fell apart into different concerns of which only one is still active today.

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Rail Cargo (Belgium)

Abandoned locomotives trainyard. About 50 of these quite modern locomotives are left to rot at the place.

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RAW Potsdam (Germany)

The National Railways repair works in Potsdam was built in 1838, being the first German RAW. Trains were repaired and maintained in Potsdam continuously until 31 December 1999, when the last locomotive rolled out of Potsdam.

RAW Potsdam verlassen abandoned

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Gare de l’Est (Belgium)

Small abandoned train station in the south of Belgium.

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Steam train graveyard (Belgium)

Steam train graveyard in Belgium. Many old carriages and steam locomotives are waiting to be restored at the graveyard. The crown piece of the yard is a Henschell locomotive dating back to 1846. This steam locomotive was used at a German steel plant and later at a coal mine and cokes plant.

steam train locomotive graveyard

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Werkplaats NMBS (Belgium)

Abandoned workshop, once used by the Belgian National Railways.

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