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Centrale werkplaatsen (Belgium)

Train maintenance and repair depot by the Belgian Railways. The big halls were used between 1863 and 1993. Some of the halls are protected as industrial heritage.

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Gare de M (Belgium)

Train maintenance depot by the SNCB. Got abandoned in 2001.

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Montzen Gare (Belgium)

Once a prize winning architectural beauty (built in 1915), the freight station got bombed during WW2. What remains today is the rebuilt station which got abandoned in 1998.

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Guterabfertigung HBf (Germany)

Due to the privatization of the German Railroads, this goods station got abandoned in 1996.

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Officine Grandi Riparazioni (Italy)

Beautiful huge train workshop for locomotives in Torino, Italy.

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Lokschuppen (Germany)

Abandoned repair station and train workshop by the HBf, the German railroads.