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Château ML (Belgium)

This majestic castle in a wonderfully quaint environment is located in the far outskirts of Belgium. After the château lost its noble owners some decades ago, it was turned into a vacation home for children. During this period, several of the building’s once prestigious chambers were transformed into class- and bedrooms. When the organization that ran the children’s vacation colony went bankrupt a couple of years ago, the castle along with its beautiful garden was left abandoned.

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Hotel R-M – Pension E (Belgium)

Abandoned hotel – ‘pension’ at the Belgian sea. The hotel in cottage-style will be reconverted into luxury apartments soon.

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Les Dolimarts (Belgium)

Vacation domain close to the French border. The domain, built on a hill with a beautiful view over the surroundings, consists of 55 bungalows, a minigolf field, playground, kids farm, amusement park and a bowling alley. In 2000 the vacation park got abandoned.

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Home RTT (Belgium)

Built in 1949 by the famous Belgian architect Henry Lacoste, the art-déco Home RTT was a vacation home for the children of RTT employees (the Belgian national telephone operator). In 1998 the beautiful building in the dunes at the Belgian sea got abandoned.

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Hotel Kosmos (Belgium)

This modernist hotel was built in 1936 on a hill with a nice view over the surroundings. In 2002 the hotel lost its license to keep the outdoor swimming pool running. In 2004 Hotel Kosmos went bankrupt.

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KDF Bad Prora (Germany)

The KDF Bad Prora was meant to be an immense holiday centre – sea resort and would house 20,000 people. The project, designed by Clemens Klotz, won the architecture prize at the 1937 Paris World Exhibition. Only part of it was built between 1936 and 1939. After WW2 the Soviet Army installed an army base at Prora. The 8 gigantic building blocks, already forming an impressive construction, were abandoned after the Soviets left.

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