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Strike (Belgium)

Abandoned windmill annex bowling alley. The original mill was bombed during the Second World War and was reconstructed on the exact same spot once the war ended. Soon after, the mill lost its function and became a gimmicky part of the tavern built right next to it. Over the years, the tavern was transformed into a full-scale bowling alley. Around the turn of the 21st century, a new owner aspired to convert the complex into a casino, but, when the permits weren’t granted, the bowling alley and windmill became abandoned.

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Château Dragon (Belgium)

This little castle from around the turn of the 18th century was abandoned only a couple of years ago. One of its most interesting features can be found in the garden, where German troops who occupied the building during the war, built a bunker.

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Expo (Germany)

Dutch Expo pavilion. Got abandoned right after the World Exhibition.

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